Silky – Hayauchi 480 Head

£124.31 inc VAT

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Next to the original 390mm long blade, Silky has launched a new blade of 480mm that fits every telescopic pole saw in the Hayauchi series. The 480mm long blade enables you to saw even faster. The original blade is 390mm long.

Renewed detachable lower sickle for undercutting bark, creating a clean cut without damaging the tree. Fixed upper sickle to cut twigs and vines.

It utilizes the Silky 4-Retsume teeth technology – ideal for the toughest pruning jobs. The Hayauchi 480mm comes complete with a new scabbard, blade fixing pipe and lower sickle.

The Hayauchi 480mm has an aggressive pitch of 6.5 teeth per 30mm. The teeth can be filed with a feather edge file.

Hayauchi blades can be re-sharpened and all parts are replaceable.

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