Etesia Duocut 41 NBCS

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New Etesia Duocut 41 family of three-in-one mowers

The new Etesia Duocut 41 mowers are extremely versatile and are capable of mowing with or without collection in all conditions, or allowing high-quality mulching. And they do all that with no need for an accessory.

A more in-depth look at the Etesia Duocut 41 NBCS

Cutting Width: 41cm
Dimensions (L x W x H): 142 x 48 x 106 cm
Weight: 32kgs
Engine HP: 5HP
Transmission: Push Mower

Motor Specification

Number of Cylinders: 1
Horse Power: 5HP
Fuel: Unleaded fuel 95/98

Wheel Transmission Specification

Transmission Type: Push Mower
Number of Wheel Drive: 2
Working Angle %: 18

Mower Specification

Output (theoretical): 1230 m²/h
Number of Blades: 1
Cutting Width: 41cm

Measurement and Weight Specification

Height: 106cm
Width: 48cm
Length: 142cm
Weight: 32kgs

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