Stiga SAB500AE

£99.00 inc VAT

Stiga SAB 500 AE Cordless Leaf Blower 48v (Bare Tool) – WHICH? Best Buy

Rather than sentence yourself to hours of back-breaking raking to control the fallen leaves in your garden, consider Stiga’s SAB 500 AE Leaf Blower. Utilising the impressive Lithium-Ion battery technology of their 500 series range, the SAB 500 AE features an easy to use Electronic Control Panel which lets you start and stop your leaf blower at the push of a button.

WHICH? Best Buy November 2019 – see review below.

With an impressive maximum air speed and very low weight, you’ll be able to corral the Autumn leaves with a minimum of effort. The SAB 500 AE also features variable speed control, allowing you to better manage the blower’s energy consumption, and a high performance brushless motor, providing increased reliability and working life.

For easy storage the blower tube releases with a single button and the end of the blower nozzle is reinforced with a protective rubber tip, preventing any scratches while in use.

Features for the Stiga SAB 500 AE Leaf Blower:
* Electronic control panel with LEDs plus ON/OFF switch
* Variable speed for better energy management
* Brushless motor
* High-ventilation rear grid
* Rubber nozzle protection
* Quick tube release button

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Specification for the Stiga SAB 500 AE Leaf Blower:
* Max. air volume: 12m³/min
* Max. air speed: 58m/s
* Current: 13.7 A
* Working Time (with a 4.0 Ah battery): 19mins (+/-20%)
* Vibration Level: 2.5 m/s²
* Sound Power Level: 96 db(A)
* Weight (without battery): 2.6kg
* Power Rating 48v119

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