Stiga Combi 43 SQ DAE

£729.00 inc VAT

Lead the way with this ultimate eco-friendly battery operated lawn mower from Stiga featuring state of the art engineering!

Powered by 2 powerful, next-generation double batteries you can be assured of low maintenance, zero emissions (yes, we really did say zero!) and of course as you would hope for with a battery operated machine, extremely quiet operation. So quiet, your neighbours are unlikely to hear you mowing and may wonder how your garden has suddenly appeared so neat and tidy! Don’t be the gardener who annoys the neighbourhood with endlessly noisy and polluting garden machinery – opt for the greener option without compromising on power and practicality and we guarantee you’ll never look back.

Why is a double battery better you might wonder. Well, Stiga have developed a system that allows for a much longer battery life because when the two batteries work together they balance the different charges. Many people (wrongly) assume that battery operated machines will quickly lose charge, but thanks to this clever system this will not happen. The lithium batteries take about 180 minutes for a standard charge, obviously less time may be needed if the battery is not completely low on charge.

A handy feature of the Stiga 43 SQ DAE Combi is the clever little LED display that lets you know when your battery charge is getting low – helpfully shown in percentage to give a very accurate reading (also known as elevenses or tea break time!). This clever little screen, located on the soft-grip handle, also shows you the speed you’re going at (don’t get excited it’s more tea and biscuits than Audi TT) and the opportunity to select the eco-mode function, which might slow you down ever so slightly – but the planet will certainly thank you!

The cutting deck offers a 41cm cutting width and can be easily adjusted to 6 different cutting heights with a centralised lever – these height give you a range of 22-65mm which will allow you to cut most lengths of grass to the required level. This machine offers stability when mowing close to borders and beds and is easy to maneuver around small spaces. A bonus if your garden is made up of different areas. The steel chassis of this Stiga cordless lawn mower is built to be tough and long lasting – it can take a few knocks as you might expect. But treat it with care and it will be a reliable lawn mower for many years to come, just as you would expect from the Stiga brand.

This Combi 43 SQ DAE features rear wheel drive and you may not think this is particularly significant but it really makes lighter work of mowing, and the electronic regulator will ensure the machine moves at your pace, rather than the other way around, enabling you to work as quickly or slowly as you wish. This is extremely useful if your garden is anything but totally flat and straight. Move slowly around obstacles if needed, but still get that injection of much needed power when going uphill, and all at your fingertips.

The canvas 60 litre grass collector features a hard top and is generous enough, but not so voluminous that emptying it is a challenge. The side discharge mode, rear discharge mode or mulching mode will certainly be appreciated. with the included mulching plug you can finely shred the clippings and distribute them evenly back onto your mowed lawn to act as a natural fertilizer. No need to collect or empty, and if you work on mowing your lawn regularly (before it gets too long) the mulcher works perfectly. You can keep your lawn looking fresh and healthy and save time and effort from not having to empty the grass collector.

If space is at a premium in your shed (yes, we know the bigger the shed the more items you fill it with…so space is always at a premium right?) Well the fold-down handles might help in that situation, they also make transporting it easier, so no excuses not to lend it to your brother-in-law, sorry about that!

You will be blown away by the capabilities and versatility of this Stiga Combi 43 SQ DAE 48V 4-in-1 cordless lawn mower. Stiga’s excellent reputation is only topped by their commitment to customer satisfaction, which is why they offer their customers a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.

Package to include Machine, 2 x 4ah Batteries & Dual Charger

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Brand Stiga
Power Source Cordless
Power Details 2 x 4Ah 48V Batteries / 1500W Brushless Motor
Starting Method Switch/Button/Bar
Design Wheeled
Cutter Deck Steel
Cutting Width 41 cm
Cutting Heights 22-65mm
Number Cutting Heights 6, Centralised
Propulsion Self-Propelled
Collector Canvas with hard top 60 litres
Noise Value – Sound Power Level dB(A) 91
Weight 30kg
Warranty 2 Year
Other Features Operator Presence Control / Mulching Plug & Side Discharge Chute Included

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