Atco 14E

£129.00 inc VAT

This hand-propelled Atco 14E mains electric lawnmower is designed to maintain your lawn to the highest standard possible. It has a cutting width of 34cm and 6 preset cutting height adjustment settings between 25mm and 75mm. Suitable for a lawnsize of 15m x 15m.

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Chassis Polypropylene
Drive Hand Propelled
Finish Lawn Stripes
Collector 35 litres
Mulching Yes
Net Power Output 1400 watts
Cutting Width 34cm
Cutting Heights 25-75mm (6 Positions)
Cutting Height Adjustment Single Lever
Lawn Size 15m x 15m
Wheels 4 wheel, Front 140mm, Rear 170mm with integral order
Cable Length 15 Metre
Home Assembly Required No
Warranty 1 Year
Weight 12kg
dB Rating 92

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