C.K Security Screwdriver Bit Set (25mm) 41 Piece Set


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Premium quality S2 alloy steel for exceptional strength & durability. Precision machined tip for an exact fit & damage free screwdriving. Set supplied in a convenient bit storage case complete with bit holder. Bit sizes: PH0 x1, PH1 x1, PH2 x 3, PH3 x1. PZ0 x1, PZ1 x1, PZ2 x1, PZ3 x1. Slotted 4.0mm x1, 5.0mm x1, 6.0mm x1, 8.0mm x1. Spline drive size 4 x1, size 5 x1, size 6 x1, size 8 x1. Spanner head size 4 x1, size 6 x1, size 8 x1 size 10 x1. Torq-set size 6 x1, size 8 x1, size 10 x1. Security Torx TX8 x1, TX10 x1, TX15 x1, TX20 x1. TX25 x1, TX27 x1, TX30 x1, TX40 x1. Tri-Wing size 1 x1, size 2 x1, size 3 x1, size 4 x1. Clutch size 1 x1, size 2 x1, size 3×1.

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Weight 359 g
Dimensions 50 × 180 × 200 cm

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