Maruyama – BC3021H-RS

£329.00 inc VAT

30.1cc Straight Shaft Horn Handle Brushcutter with reverse start

SKU: MY-BC3021H-RS Category:


With a powerful and efficient CER engine and a 30cc engine capacity, this brush cutter also offers an ergonomic handle design for superior comfort and excellent balance. It features a high efficiency re-circulatory engine to provide greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions, and a threaded clutch shaft to reduce vibration and create a smoother power transfer which increases lifespan of parts. It features Reverse start 2 system and a Horn handle. Engine Model: CER300 Weight: 6.1kg Engine capacity 30.1cc Output 0.97kw Fuel tank capacity 0.6L Reverse start 2 Handle type: Horn Accessory (blade): 3 teeth Vibration Levels Front Handle (Blade/Nylon Head) 4.1/5.5 m/s² Vibration Levels Rear Handle (Blade/Nylon Head) 5.1/5.8 m/s²

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